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Wild Tiger

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Name:Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
Birthdate:Dec 19

Wild Tiger

Real Name: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
Nickname:Crusher of Justice
Age: 36
Birthday: February 17 (this is a rough fan guess)
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Amber (blue when power is activated)
Occupation: Hero
Known relatives:
-Tomoe Kaburagi (wife; deceased)
-Kaede Kaburagi (daughter)
-Anju Kaburagi (mother)
-Muramasa Kaburagi (older brother)
Sponsors: S.H.Figuarts and SoftBank
Company: Apollon Media
NEXT Power: Hundred Power

Can't have a breakthrough without taking a break!
-- Kotetsu

I want to save people in trouble. Isn't that reason enough?
-- Kotetsu

It's time to let out a wild roar!
-- Wild Tiger

Boku wa Bunny ja nai, Barnaby desu~!
-- Wild Tiger

Kotetsu's Hundred Power increases his physical capabilities such as strength, speed, and jumping ability, by a hundredfold for five minutes at a time. After those five minutes, he must rest for one hour before activating it again. Kotetsu has strong endurance, and above-average physical ability due to a daily/weekly exercise regiment. This is demonstrated when he was able to lift a tree without his powers to save Kaede. Kotetsu's attacking forte is in punching (contrary to Barnaby's forte in kicking).

With his Hundred Power activated, he is able to punch through walls as well as lift an entire section of train rail and tie it into a knot. He can withstand a bullet wound to the chest at point-blank range with only minimal injury. His signature attack is the "Wild Roar", which appears to push back an opponent with a burst of energy and is generally used right when Kotetsu activates his Hundred Power.

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